Let Snooty RIP (idiot protestors)

snootyBradentucky Man is pissed.  For the love of fucking god, stop with the Snooty protests.   A few days ago, people were actually standing outside the South Florida Museum with signs demanding that people responsible for Snooty’s death should all be fired.


Are you fucking kidding me?  Whoever made the fatal mistake must feel absolutely horrible.  The people working at the museum cared more about Snooty than anyone else in this community.  They have to be absolutely devastated.

I am all about animal rights and protecting nature, but these protestors are fucking nut bags.  It was a terrible, terrible accident, GET OVER IT.  Snooty had a great life.  As a matter of fact, he probably had the best life of any Manatee that has ever lived.

I love it when people care so much more about animals than they do about humans.  Only a couple of blocks from the protest, people are overdosing in the streets, kids are being abused, people are being robbed.  But yeah, protest a museum for making a mistake.

Hey protestors, you are the fucking problem.  Get a fucking life.  Stick to protesting the shark abusing assholes, now that’s a real problem.

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RIP Snooty (a Bradentucky legend)

snootyBradentucky Man is pissed.  I just can’t believe it’s true.  I woke up yesterday, went online and saw that Bradentucky’s precious mascot Snooty had died.

He was 69 years old and they just had a huge birthday party for him at the South Florida Museum the day before.

The world’s oldest, captive Manatee is dead.  He was 69 fucking years old.  He lived through 12 presidents from 1948 to the present.  But there was one president Snooty couldn’t survive…………… Donald Fuckin Trump.

Coincidence????  I think not.

This is a clear instance of the Trump team colluding with Russia to kill one of West Coast Florida’s treasured mascot’s.  My sources are telling me that Trump has always been angry at the South Florida Museum.

Apparently, a few years ago, Trump attempted to buy Snooty for an undisclosed amount because he wanted to showcase him in a fountain at the front of his Mar-A-Lago Country Club.

mar-a-lago_fountain3_ferrara_all_rights_reservedThe Museum was furious and immediately spurned Trump’s request.  This did not sit well with our President.  He was somewhat quoted as once saying, “I will get revenge on that damn Sea-Cow if it kills me.  I promise you that.” (more…)