What is Bradentucky?

fl-cg-bradentonBradentucky is a slang term for the city of Bradenton, FL.  The inspiration for this term is rumored to be from all of the rowdy “rednecks” in the area.

Bradentucky is located about an hour south of Tampa and about 15 minutes north of Sarasota.  It is comprised of two main areas; The West-side (beach areas) and The East-side (where most of the rednecks reside).

The central part of Bradentucky revolves around the bustling Main Street areas where there is a different bar every 10 feet or so.  And they are really good bars.

Bradentucky Man is very real.  You can find him drinking his ass off downtown.  You can find him slaying Tarpon off of Bean Point in the summer and catching Snook the rest of the year.  You may find him stumbling down Bridge Street before last call some nights and then swallowing the “hair of the dog” at the Anchor the next morning.

You may run in to him at the child support office or at the bail bonds office; depending on how his Saturday night was.  He’s just a normal guy.

Bradentucky Man will often talk about himself in the third person.  Get over it, he’s that bad-ass.

“I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough……. now bring me another beer and a Jameson neat, bitch,” Bradentucky Man.