Trump & Bradentucky Man

tdy_jackson_trump_161117.nbcnews-ux-1080-600You know, I ain’t never been too political, but damn I love me some Trump.  Go ahead, get mad about it…. I don’t give a shit.

He tells it just like it is.  I mean shit, he marries a hottie and then when she gets worn out, he upgrades to a younger, hotter chick.  So bad-ass.

I’m so tired of all the damn liberal pussy sniffers gettin’ their feelings hurt about Trump being president.  You lost, get the fuck over it and stop yer damn whining.

That’s right……………. stop yer damn whining.  That’s all it is.  I think you people forgot that this is ‘Merica, home of the free.  Yep, I am free to support Trump just like you are free to make fun of me.

But remember, that fancy degree hanging on your wall don’t mean shit to me.  I graduated from Manatee High School and later got my doctorate on the mean streets of Bradentucky.  That’s a degree you can’t pay for bitches.

You go ahead and mock me for voting for Trump.  You can’t tell me that Hilary was a better candidate.  That slimy bitch should be in jail.  clintonjail2

And as a matter of fact, I’m still pissed that Trump didn’t keep his campaign promise of putting her in jail.

But he’s been doing such kick-ass things, he didn’t really have time to worry about her trifling ass.

I can’t wait till Trump sends all these damn job-stealing immigrants back home, repeals Obama care and kicks ass around the world.

‘Merica is back bitches.  Get on board or get the fuck out.




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