opiated in Bradentucky

addictionopioids_839816My beloved town of Bradentucky has become crippled by drug abuse and it’s pissin me off.  So many people screamin about this so-called “addiction” crisis.

Which Tampa Bay County has the highest number of opioid deaths?

“Addiction is a disease.  We need more Naloxone for all these poor addicts.  They need our help.  We need to sue doctors and big Pharma who provides the poison,” said almost every pussy-ass liberal around.

Bradentucky man says, “BULL…..FUCKIN……SHIT.  What ever happened to personal responsibility?  What ever happened to controlling your shit.”

First off, slurpin up too many pills ain’t no disease.  I ain’t a scientist, but a disease is something like cancer or Lupus.  You can’t control gettin those things.  But snorting a bunch a pills or shootin your veins with poison is a personal control problem. 

If I started smokin crack today, I would become an addict.  So does that mean I have a disease?  Think about that for a few minutes.

So these dumb-ass liberal pussy-mouths think that my town should get more Naloxone to help the “epidemic.”  What the hell ever.  All that does is give these addicts no fear of overdosin’.  What a crock a shit.

I don’t understand why people can’t just get a little drunk, smoke a little weed and chill the fuck out.  Life ain’t so hard…………..unless you make it hard.





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